Anwendung des aktivplus-Ansatzes im Geschosswohnungsbau in Kolumbien

Prüfung und Anpassung der Anforderungskriterien/Berechnungsparameter am konkreten Beispiel eines Mehrfamilienhauses in Medellin

The present work presents an adaptation for Colombia of the German standard Aktivplus for the design of buildings that in a holistic way of working not only generate more energy than the one consumed in their normal operation but also satisfy interests and legal requirements in the fields of comfort, architecture and environmental care. A literal application of this standard in Colombia as it has been stipulated for the German conditions reduces the positive impact that this may produce on the interested sectors given due to differences between both countries in government incentives for this type of projects, weather conditions and the potential of resources for energy generation. Therefore, some changes in the requirements have been proposed for its introduction in Colombia mainly in the net final energy demand of the building, restricting annual CO2 emissions per person, and natural lighting, thermal comfort and air quality levels.
To assess the adapted parameters, an evaluation is carried out in a residential building whose construction should start within the next two years in the city of Medellín, Colombia. Thus is proposed the inclusion of the so-called “Energy Plus Buildings” in the opportunities and challenges of the second chapter of sustainable construction in Colombia that has been defined by the Colombian Council for Sustainable Construction (CCCS), which begins in 2019.


190521 Präsentation Aktivplus Kolumbien_BA Catano